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Bestlan Group of Companies (Bestlan)
Due to growth with new product lines, Bestlan required additional cooling for processing. Kelvin was able to offer a chiller that would see their cooling capabilities double.
It was delivered and commissioned within two weeks of quote acceptance.
Iplex Pipelines Pty Ltd
Industry: Manufacturing
Iplex Pipelines contacted Kelvin looking for a compressor replacement for a chiller that had failed. Kelvin's solution was to provide a direct replacement upgrade chiller within two weeks of ordering. This allowed minimal down time with a cost effective plant upgrade and an improvement in plant temperature control.
The Hoyts Corporation Pty Ltd (Hoyts)
Industry: Entertainment
Hoyts came to Kelvin with a problem to solve. With the peak holiday period in full force for Hoyts, two package units needed urgent repair without the lead time of new equipment. Kelvin was able to efficiently provide a direct match replacement to allow the seamless comfort cooling to the cinemas.
The Wests Group
Industry: Commercial Property
The Wests Group has a large number of commercial properties within their portfolio. Kelvin has been assisting The Wests Group in providing various mechanical equipment, such as heat exchangers, chillers, generators & control gear, all designed to improve and promote sustainability and environmental efficiencies within their properties.
United Initiators Pty Ltd
Industry: Manufacturing
United Initiators were looking to replace existing equipment critical to their chemical processing plant. They required equipment that was suitable for their low temperature application, as well as being able to fit into the existing plant footprint. Kelvin was able to provide a replacement chiller that met their requirements, both in capacity and dimension.
Yarran Wines
Industry: Primary Producer
Yarran Wines were looking for an additional chiller to assist in the chilling processes through their wine making season. Kelvin assisted in the chiller selection and also added additional controls to their chiller, specific for the application.